April 30, 2012


This past Sunday was an eventful Sunday. The kind of Sunday where all the speakers do exceptionally well and everything hits home and rings true and life is wonderful and bright for about and hour and you feel like you can take on the world, but then a long line of about 6 single-adult men come in and sit in the row just in front of you, and every single one of them is amazingly beautiful and in all different shapes, colors and sizes; then there is no way you could ever pay attention to the rest of the lesson because you can see their shoulder and back muscles through their nice white shirts and you take a jab at your self esteem because none of them will ever know you exist, and all you can think for the rest of that hour is "Baby, I want to draw you."

That kind of Sunday.

Week of (Attempted) Fashion 3 EPIC FAIL!

So for some reason I completely failed at this last week of picture taking. It's not that I didn't remember, I just didn't want to. Haha I'm so stubborn sometimes, especially towards myself. Poor me and poor anyone else who has to put up with my random bouts of stubbornness over the years. I'd like to say I'm getting better, but I think it's getting worse so pardon my sass and I will try harder (eventually).

April 26, 2012

Pink Pumps

I don't know if it's the rain, my Barbie pink heels, or the fact that my hair looks great (even though I didn't shower) but I think today might be a very good day. It's probably too early to tell but my recently downy mood is beginning to lift. For some people, rain does quite the opposite to their outlook, but as I said to a (very cute) interviewee today, it's always an exciting and fresh thing when it starts to rain, especially here in Arizona. I can't wait till monsoon season!!

This week I haven't been doing very well on my workout regime due to family events and business meetings (not to mention sheer lack of motivation). I have, however, been very productive in the kitchen. Ariel and I made an amazing white sauce pizza with cilantro, basil, and green peppers on top. We also made some butternut squash french fries which were amazingly good but slightly too oily. I've noticed a good way for me to feed myself is to make a huge amount of something (spaghetti for example) and just take it to work and eat that for about a week. Great for single adults.

Hmm... just lost all train of thought. Barbie pink heels... even though I don't like pink so much. It's... growing on me 0_0

April 24, 2012

Prince Charmings Are Equivalent To Two-Headed Snakes

I feel as if Hollywood and books and fairy tales have all played a trick on us. We females, and maybe even some of the men, are waiting for our prince charming, our Edward, Jude Law, or Ryan Gosling (or Zooey Deschanel for the guys) to come, unexpectedly into our lives and profess their undying love to us and how they were drawn to us by some unexplained force. There is no other girl quite like you, to them, and even though you have no clue why someone so amazing and perfect wants you, you feel special and fall in love and live happily ever after.

But this does not happen. If it does, it is one of those very rare occurrences like winning the lottery or snakes born with two heads. We are lead to believe that the fairy tale life is what we need/will get eventually. We think that if we sit back and be ourselves and glance at a cute guy the right way, it will be love at first sight and he will walk over and ask you to dinner and flash you a wonderfully dimpled smile and all you can do is sit there swooning because of his perfectly messy brown locks.

I'll admit that I'm a sucker for those kinds of books where the unassuming and particularly ordinary girl gets the dreamy, slightly broken, perfect young man who sees beyond her quiet demeanor and sees her for the true gem she is and unleashes her inner beauty and potential and hey, maybe she has a random mystical bloodline that she didn't know about that makes her even more special. You can probably think of  a few books that follow that exact story line.

I've come to this realization over time and I feel like it needs to be addressed. Sure it's great to have a fantasy that makes you happy to dream about, but some of us (me included) need to wake up and realize that no amount of sitting and waiting will bring you a charming Edward to your doorstep asking for your hand in marriage. Maybe I sound cynical but I think my little rant will ring true for a few of you.

This doesn't mean I will never read another romantic novel or that I will abstain from watching chick flicks in my pjs while eating ice cream but this does mean I won't wait for prince charming to come riding up and take me away to a land of eternal bliss. I will plant my feet on the floor, not the clouds and I will do my best to keep my ridiculous day dreams and scenarios to a minimum. No matter how many "alluring" glances I send over to that cute waiter, he is not going to ask me on a date, be a perfect human being and ask me to marry him after months of blissful dating.

Not going to happen.

I'm not a pessimist. I'm a realist.

If you wish to dispute my findings, by all means, I would love to be proven wrong or at least hear what you have to say in love's defense because maybe you're one of the lucky lottery winners (or a two headed snake) and you found your dream man (or woman) and it was like it was meant to be.

April 23, 2012

Week Of (Attempted) Fashion 2

It's a brand new week and I'm up to 4000 views! That makes the day just a tad bit better. Last night wasn't the greatest, besides an amazingly inspirational fireside last night. I could tell I was about to go into a rut so before I could make it any worse I told myself to just go to bed. It wan't very late at all and there were several things I could have done but I've learned to foresee those "downer days" and I decided it would be best to be unconscious.

Anyway, feeling much better today and I have my last week of fashion all finished. Take a look:

One thing that makes me laugh about these it the sate of my room
in the background. It progressively gets messier during the week 
and then is suddenly clean Saturday. 
(I may have photoshopped some of the mess out too)

So here is too a week of (hopefully) better fashion and better state of mind! I hope you all have a good one as well and I'll think of something more interesting to post about later. 

April 17, 2012

Two-Minute Date

I kept my promise and went to the speed dating activity last night. Thankfully I had showered that day and my hair/face was holding up after 9 hours of work. I got home with enough time to read for a while before I started getting ready so I could calm my nerves beforehand. Next time I wont pick a book that starts out with an EMP and multiple bloody deaths in the fist 2 chapters. So after I was nice and "calm" I started looking for clothes and once again decided to forgo my plan to wear heels and settles on (not ripped jeans) and a Superman tee.

Luckily, David was nice enough to go with me (I guilt tripped him) so I wasn't as awkward as I usually am. I must say, this time around it went a lot better. A lot of the guys were supper chatty and upbeat which makes these kinds of things much easier. One (very hot) guy asked me right off the bat if I kissed on a first date. I then realized he was referring to our two minute date as a first date. I laughed him off and said some attempted flirty thing.

One guy did get my number but I think he was the kind of guy that gets all the girls' numbers. He also was interested when I said I did graphic design and worked at a patent and trademark law firm. He got my work number as well.

There were definitely some nice looking men and some genuinely fun guys to talk to. Thanks to my Superman shirt, most or our conversations revolved around the Superman or Batman debate, which is fine with me. If they can talk nerdy, they get points in my book. Of course two minutes is hardly enough time to decide if you really like someone or not so I'll see if anything comes out of this.

I'm glad I went but I paid for it last night with a whole 8 hours worth of dream speed dating. Needless to say, I woke up super tired and felt like I had been run over multiple times, but I guess that's what dating does to you.

April 16, 2012

A Second Attempt

For some reason that picture of Justin Bieber that was floating around our office has started an all out war. There are now pictures of Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, and other similar "stars" being taped to everyone's monitors anonymously. I have to admit, I did retaliate with the Jonas Brothers but I'm really unsure who started it and when it will end!

About 7 months ago, I went speed dating as a young single adult activity that ended up with disappointing results. Yesterday at church, they announced another one. Feeling very conflicted, I debated on whether or not I should attend and I decided that I will, but only for the purpose of something to blog about that can potentially be funny. So hopefully I can grab my single cousin and do much better than I did last time (which isn't that hard). Wish me luck, and here is to single awkwardness!!

(Half) Week of (Attempted) Fashion 1

Hello! This is a new thing I will be posting every Monday unless I forget. It's my week of fashion. This is mostly for me so I remember what outfits look good and which do NOT! Who knows, maybe you might find it entertaining. It's not a full week of outfits because I started on Thursday so next Monday there will be more. Feel free to poke fun or praise, but just know, this is hard work! I have to put a reminder in my phone to take a picture once I'm dressed and like what happened yesterday after church, I for got to take a picture until after I changed into my sweats, so I had to put my fancy clothes back on. Worst feeling ever!!

Anyway, check it out!

April 13, 2012

Creative, Not Crafty

I'm feeling so fashionable right now. Although I don't count myself among the girly, I do love clothes and (almost) all things style. Here is a quick sketch of a dress I would like to make, if I ever get my sewing machine from Washington!!!

I've never really made and clothes from scratch but I have tailored a few outfits so I'm willing to give this a try. If I didn't have to work and money was not an issue, well I'd be a very crafty creative individual (I hate the word crafty). 

I don't want to be at work! It's stifling my creative genius!!! Thank goodness for post-it notes, where all my little ideas can rest until I can make them life size!!!

April 12, 2012

Would You Kill Me If...

Would you kill me if I started posting pictures of my daily outfits? The reasoning behind this would be so I can remember which outfits look good so I'm not always scrambling to find something to wear as well as document my progression towards being more fashionable. And who knows? Maybe someone will get some ideas out of it as well.

Perhaps not daily, but weekly I can post my fashion attempts. Any thoughts? Any at all? Bueler?

Next Time, I'll Give Him The Eye

After a long break it's almost nice to get back to work. Despite the extra work load it has been moderately relaxing; however, there is the mystery of the Justin Bieber picture that now adorns our hallway. I asked Nancy what the story was behind it but she said no one would fess up to posting it. There are some shady characters in the office but it's hard to pinpoint exactly who did it and what their motive was.

Aside from office drama (that is about as drama-y as it gets around here) not much is new. It's back to my normal life and the repetition it brings. I believe my new goal for the next couple of weeks (months?) will be to spice up my routine. I vow here and now to assert myself and do something social and actually talk to people. I will try my hardest to not flake this time.

Speaking of people, I saw the most gorgeous of persons in the most unexpected place: Walmart. I know, it's like finding a flower in a garbage heap. Maybe I'm being dramatic but I could tell even before I saw his face that he was going to be handsome. He was standing in the isle looking around like he was waiting for someone and I was walking towards him. Luckily I was pre-gym, not sweaty, but still adorned in my brand new workout outfit and my hair in an acceptable perky ponytail. Feeling somewhat daring, I looked him in the eye and didn't look away till after I had passed. It was magical and luckily I didn't trip on my shoe till after I turned the corner. After finding the items I needed, I took the long way to the register, hoping I would run into the Adonis-like man again before I left, telling myself that this time I would give him the look, maybe talk to him. But my efforts were in vain, he was nowhere to be found. I left the store and went to my car with the sinking feeling that I just missed out on my soul mate and the beautiful life we would have had together.

Or maybe I'm just being dramatic.
Pics from the trip to South Dakota!

Out for a walk with Sunny and Mom. That pink Ewok is Claire.

A very cool metal horse in Hill City.

There is a spoon on his nose!

My brother-in-law Nate in front of some rather large rocks. 

That tiny tunnel  is what we drove our car through. 
Those rocks were huge and Nate and I climbed to the (almost) top!

Mt. Rushmore. I may or may not have stolen a large number
of rocks from there.

April 02, 2012

Pretend This Is A Witty Title

A very uneventful weekend but that was what I've been craving for a while. I am looking forward to this next weekend, starting Thursday actually. My mother will be flying down from Washington that day so my sister and  I are going to take her to see the Easter Pageant which is a huge thing and very very good (I went last year). Then on Friday, my mother and I will board a plane and fly out to South Dakota, home of Mt. Rushmore and my brand new niece, Claire! My oldest sister Sunny and her husband Nate moved out there after they got married which stinks because they are both my favorite people. I believe baby Claire is about 8 weeks old now. I'll admit, I'm not a baby fan in the slightest. I guess they are kind of cute but they don't hold much interest for me. Claire, however, is the cutest baby of them all and I can't wait till she gets old enough that I won't be terrified of breaking her if I hold her!

So very excited.

I would update you on my dating life, but since there is hardly any content I will just say I have in fact been on a date in last few days. Two, actually! And if you know me at all, you will know that is a major improvement from my very date-free single life. My new goal is to actually date and to stay away from obtaining a "boyfriend". So if you are an interested single man reading this (interested, ha!) then be warned that I will not be your girlfriend. I will just be a date. For now. (Unless you are the reincarnation of Clark Gable, then frankly my dear, I wouldn't give a darn!)

I'm hoping that since I'm in a single's ward now, that will help out with meeting new people but I'm probably not helping myself with the fact that I abstain from going to activities or mustering up the courage to make eye contact with these people. *sigh* I may be looking at a spinsters life with my pet cats, but that doesn't sound too bad.