May 31, 2012

Why June Is Best

Allllll right!!!!!!!!!! 5000 page views!!! I don't know why I get so worked up about this stuff but it's just another excuse to celebrate. The cool thing is I know for sure that most of them are not from my mother because she can never remember how to get to this site (I think she's read at least one and that was for Mother's day). This month I also blogged the most times out of any other month so I'd say it was pretty eventful.

I'm sad to see May go because it has been so good to me but I'm excited for June for a few reasons:

1. My birthday is in June and even though I'm not really looking for a b-day party, I'm excited to finally be 20 so I get picked on less for being the baby at the office. I will also be one year closer to being 21. I'm not going to be drinking but I'm excited to be able to get into 21 and up clubs, which my cousin says are much better places to go dancing. I also want to purchase my own handgun, the beautiful Glock 19 4th Generation. Soon, my love. Soon.

2. June is the beginning of summer (actually, my birthday, the 21st is the first official day of summer) and even though Arizona already got a head start on the whole hot weather thing, it'll be good to know a lot of people are out of school and enjoying their summer breaks.

3. June is the month right before July, and in the very fist week of July, I will be heading back to Washington to spend time with my wonderful family, or at least the portion that is still there. I know there is not a lot to do in my tiny little home town but I am really looking forward to that! No work, just chilling with my parents and (not so little) brother at home, watching movies, playing with the animals, and laying around at my Grandma's pool. Sometimes it's nice to just do nothing.

I feel pretty good today. I feel like punching something! In a good way. I know a whole 9 hours at work may take a toll on that mood but I've got something to look forward to when I get home. Annnd I ran out of things to say. I hope you have a wonderful day.

May 30, 2012

Star Wars And Secrets

What a weekend. I couldn't be more thankful that there are only two more days till this next weekend because they are always so fun. It's surprising how fast time is flying by! I've been in a spectacular mood lately but I can't tell you exactly why; not yet at least. I'm sure I'll spill my guts eventually but for now I'll see how this pans out.

Miraculously, the Intern doesn't have my insides all twisted up anymore. Sure, he's very cute and polite, but I'm getting better at ignoring his unintended charm. If you read about the war I declared on him a week or so ago, I'll let you know that we are neck and neck right now in points. He still flusters me occasionally but now I have deemed him as unobtainable and moved on to better things *wink wink*. I did make the mistake of telling him and two other attorneys that I went to Comicon and dressed up. The attorneys now find any excuse to bring it up and make fun of my anime loving self. That's okay because I can hold my own and I'm not afraid to unleash my venomous tongue and tell them what's up. Being a receptionist/assistant really brings out the sassy in me.

I'll let you in on a secret: I have another date tonight. Pretty darn excited because this guy is so very fun. He's the one I mentioned in this post and he's been over quite a bit. We decided to celebrate May the 4th Be With You, a very nerdy Star Wars type celebration (as well as Revenge of the 5th). We were a little late in starting but we've been watching all the movies in chronological order, which is the way to do it because I got a lot of connections that I missed before. We are now about to start the third one (which we both agree are our favorites) and I couldn't be more excited!

Did I mention that this boy also play the guitar and sings amazingly well? He does, and it's infuriating. His effortless charm ceases to amaze me and at the same time makes me feel that I need to step up my game.

May 29, 2012

Phoenix Comicon 2012

After weeks and weeks of getting ready and spending more money than I'd like to admit, it was finally Friday night, the night before we were to go to Comicon. However, I spent the night torn and depressed. I had stayed up very late that night and Ariel had already gone to bed before I could ask her if she was still planning on going with me. Also her boyfriend decided to crash his bike and was not able to go. I sat on my bed debating whether or not I could even go. I knew I wouldn't want to be by myself there (I probably wouldn't even be able to find it).

So Saturday morning rolls around and I sneak into Ariel's room to wake her up. Amazingly, she said she still wanted to go and my wonderful cousin David messaged us asking if he could come along. I was ecstatic! So after we threw together all our costumes we found ourselves driving to Phoenix!

I will say that the contacts were the hardest part about the whole thing. My eyes were burning and blurry the whole time and I'm actually still recovering from those few hours! I'm never wearing contacts again!!!

If you have me on Facebook I'm sure you've already seen these but I just can't help posting them! Soo much fun! I really love dressing up so this was the perfect place for me. I'm going next year, and no one is going to stop me!!!!

Week Of (Attempted) Fashion 7

Week 7, here we are! And what an interesting week it's been. If you place your beady little eyes on Saturday's picture, you will see the final result of my costume. I will probably blog specifically about it in a few minutes. I'm just so hard busy at the moment!

May 25, 2012

If You Want To Speak Italian

Just a heads up people, I think the world may be ending soon because something insane just happened... I had two dates in four days. Two different people. That, my friends, is a strange occurrence. Pardon my theatrics but I'm just blown away by this. I'm sure if you've read more of my blog you will see a pattern of boylessness and frequently making a fool of myself in front of the male gender (I'm still doing that).

My date last night was pretty groovy and the cool thing was, I really couldn't remember what he looked like, so it was almost a blind date. Do you remember when I went Speed Dating for the second time? Well I guess he was one of the guys there and we must have had a good conversation because we ended up with each other's numbers (which just got distributed to us). That was back in April so it was safe to say, I really don't remember anyone's number that I wrote down. When he showed up, I wasn't disappointed. He was a very handsome guy and very polite as well.

We ended up at a very fancy Italian place called Alessia's where we stuffed ourselves on pasta and cannolis, which were both extremely amazing. We decided that all Italians have to do this while talking, and we must do the same if we were to feign such accents:

After dinner we went to a very cool bowling alley. I'm sure it was average cool for most people but I'm used to a tiny bowling alley in a tiny town, so the fact that we had our own couch was pretty cool. I'd like to say that I almost beat him, and for a while I had him worried. I got over a hundred in the second game but my arm was dead by the third so I was lucky to get past 60 points. It's safe to say, he kicked my trash! 

All in all, a very fun date. And he's in my ward so I'm guessing I'll see him around a little more, now that I know what he looks like. 

May 23, 2012

Sexy Salsa

Despite being a zombie all day yesterday, I decided to tough it out and go to the Salsa lesson Cousin David was teaching. I didn't even change out of my work outfit because I figured the dress would look nice while I was being spun around and boy, did I get spun around. I was surprised at the large turn out and miraculously, there were more guys than girls! I'll credit David for that because he did an awesome job broadcasting the event weeks in advance and telling the guys how he gets the girlies because of his sexy salsa moves, which is true. That and the fact that he's beautiful.

Instead of being stuck with one awkward partner the whole time, we rotated every few minutes which was very refreshing. I was thankful for that because some of them had two left feet and others were pulling me super close and staring into my eyes... which is not how I want to meet a stranger. Other than a few odd moments, I had a lot of fun. Some guys picked it up so fast (or were already into Salsa) and I was being whirled and twirled and even dipped a couple times. I'm not going to say I'm the best dancer but I got into it after a while; also I had already learned the basics from Dave a few weeks ago so this was a good refresher.

I hope we looked a little something like this. 

The amazing thing was that despite the fact I was wearing heels, my feet didn't hurt at all while dancing! After, however, I took my shoes off and walked barefoot back to my car and that was excruciating. I could feel my bones molding back to their normal shape after wearing heels for  9 hours at work and then another 2 and a half hours dancing. I just wanted to sit on the floor and wait for someone to come pick me up and carry me to the car, but alas, no one was in sight.

Once I crashed at home, I made a late night "breakfast" and then fell into bed. After days of insomnia, I finally slept through the whole night so I feel semi-amazing this morning. I even shaved my legs. Hallelujah. I'm looking forward to an evening of finding the last piece of my Comicon costume and then playing Age of Empires online with a big group of people. I'm looking forward to a very nerdy weekend. :)

May 22, 2012

Scrambled Eggs/Brains

I feel as if someone put an egg beater in my head and scrambled my brains last night*. My dreams were a whirlwind of faces and colors and textures but I couldn't hold on to anything. So this morning I'm very very confused. Even my memories of last night are faded and loopy so I'm not really sure what's going on.

I do know that I had a good time last night on my date. He liked to talk a lot which is fine with me because he was pretty interesting to listen to. I really admired him for the passion he had for what he wanted to do with his life. He was all about saving lives and helping/healing others. He also said something pretty cool after he told me about his near death experience and I thought it was a good way to look at life. If my brains weren't scrambled eggs I would remember exactly what he said but it was along the lines of: "As long as I have air to breathe, I have a reason to smile." What a great attitude! I really want to try and apply that concept to my life and be more appreciative of what I have.

Anyway, he made a nice picnic dinner and then we went swimming (or for me, just sitting in the water) and talked for a few hours. I did divulge my past of band nerd-dom and drama geekery, but he himself had been in band and his mother plays the saxophone like me, so I didn't feel as weird. All in all, a very fun date. I am paying for the late night today, however (I also couldn't fall asleep last night and the dreams didn't help) so this morning I am Zombie Haley with my smile screwed into place and popping pills to keep my hurts at bay. I'm hoping I have a little more life in me by tonight because I promised my wonderful cousin, David, that I would attend the Salsa class he is teaching tonight for our ward (church).

I will survive!! Or maybe I will just pull a Patrick Star and crawl under a rock till Friday rolls around.

* Funny coincidence, I woke up this morning around 6 really craving scrambled eggs, and I almost got out bed early to make them. Almost.

May 21, 2012

Socially Awkward Alien Mode

Another great weekend in the bag! On Friday I went to go see Wrath of the Titans with my cousin David John and my friend Adrienne. I'm not sure if you've seen it or even the first one but I'm just going to say.. it's not really worth it. We went to the dollar theater so it wasn't like we dropped a bunch of cash to see it. However, I did have fun hanging out with my homies (for some reason spell-check doesn't think that is a word) and stuffing my face with popcorn. Saturday was both lazy and productive. Ariel and I found ourselves goofing off at Costco and I ended up with another giant box of cereal (I've been eating cereal for dinner all week).

Smashing up the Costco parking lot.

As Ariel left for her date night, I found myself at home laying on my bed in self pity. I know that's very self centered and hardly productive but there are a few things going on lately that have been stressing me out. As 9:30 rolled around I decided it was time to put my pjs on because it didn't seem like I was going anywhere that night. Before I could peel myself off the bed, I get a phone call from my beautiful cousin, David, telling me that I better get ready because he was going to be at my house in a matter of minutes! Luckily my hair was still decent so I rubbed the red from my eyes and put on a new outfit.

David then whisked me off to a Young Single Adult party with glow sticks and popcorn. We realized after we got there that we didn't really know anyone so we kind of floated around awkwardly because neither of us are the type of people to introduce ourselves to strangers. Eventually we did find a girl we both knew who knew other people so we could break the awkward barrier and talk to different groups. We eventually found a little group that was dancing so we joined them in the frivolities. We shook out groove thang for a while and amazingly, a guy on the edge of the group made eye contact with me a couple times and then asked me to dance. First I was glad he asked but then a second later I realized I had no idea how to dance (he was trying to get me to do swing). He did his best as teaching the steps as I tried not to look ridiculous and eventually he was twirling, spinning, and dipping me (and I didn't mess up too bad!). It's been a while since I danced like that!

I will say that I am going to see him again tonight and I hope I don't do something ridiculous, because there is a very big chance that I'll trip and fall, say something stupid, or do a whole plethora of awkward things. Let's just hope that I'm in Charismatic Mode tonight and not my Socially Awkward Alien Mode (which does happen quite a bit).

Week Of (Attempted) Fashion 6

I almost didn't want to post this one because I think there are two repeats and one very fluffy hairstyle (Wednesday), but after 6 weeks I think it's okay if I double up on some outfits because I'm running out of clothes!! (Not really, I'm just too lazy to think of a new outfit).

May 18, 2012

Battle With The Intern

Two days in a row. I'm on fire, baby! (I was on time for work again). This calls for a celebration; also the fact that it's Friday. So what am I going to do tonight to kick off the blessed weekend??? Nothing. I'm hoping that will change once the day gets rolling but I may just stay up late tonight and paint my bathroom, which sounds plenty fun to me (and I'm not even being sarcastic). One thing for sure is no matter what I am doing, I will be reveling in the fact that I'm not at work, that I'm not wearing a skirt and heels, and I'm not expected to do anything for a couple of days. Sounds lazy, I know, but don't tell me you don't feel the same way sometimes (maybe not the skirt and heels part).

I'm feeling good today and maybe it's because I started off the day with some Frankie Valle. Also, the mailman just showed up and he is one of my favorite people. I'm determined to stay in a good mood all day so here I am, armed with chocolate and a good attitude; let's see if I can be positive all day!

Ps. I really need to stop freaking out about this new intern. He will be the death of me, I can tell. I freak out and turn red every time he even says "hey" to me. Not good. Not good. I am now declaring war on the intern (unbeknownst to him) and I'm determined to win!! So far it's Intern: 4, Haley: 0. I will get back on track and win this game!!

I'm really glad he doesn't know he's playing...

May 17, 2012

Date With A Snuggie

This morning something miraculous happened. I got out of bed when my alarm clock went off. No, not my second alarm or my third alarm. The first. So I was half an hour ahead of schedule which is odd because I'm usually half an hour behind. So now that I'm at work, I realize I have 8+ hours to go till I can get out of here. Besides that, one thought keeps resonating in my brain: I miss my fish. I had to give my fish to my sister because I transferred my tank to my new house but because I have nothing to set it up on yet, it sits on my floor with about an inch of water. Once I get a stand for it, I'll be filling my tank one again but this time with koi!!

Yes. I'm so very excited!!! They are going to be so cool and I will train them and pet them!!

Enough of that. Forty minutes of work and I'm already vying to go home. Not much sounds better than my snuggie and a movie. "You own a Snuggie??" you ask. Yes, I do. I too one thought they were silly inventions and vowed to never wear one; however, my dear mother bought all her kids one for Christmas and once I tried it on, I knew there was no going back. Of course I mostly wear it backwards so its more like a cloak than that silly front cover, but it is the perfect movie watching thing.

I know I'm just ranting now, but there really isn't much to do besides drool after the new intern who is dark haired and handsome and appears to always be smiling. I like that in a man. Yet I must abstain from dreaming about him too much because I know I cannot have him. *sigh* Such is life. 

May 15, 2012

Cowboy Adventures

This past weekend was very fun. Contrary to my normal hermit-like ways, I've been hanging around a fun group of friends (some from my hiking trip). We planned to go out to Goldfield Ghost Town in Apache Junction and I found it all very entertaining. My favorite part were the dressed up cowboys who did a shoot-out skit for us, and they looked so very authentic!

I think I was freaking out about their authenticity all day, right down to their awesome beards! 

The town itself was a fun place to roam about. We even hit up the local Saloon and had a great lunch with live music! I'm certainly not a fan of country music but I really enjoyed this guy. We were the loudest ones in there, whooping and hollering for him after every song. I'm sure he was a little embarrassed but we were his #1 fans! 

We even got to hang out with a rowdy cowboy on stilts. He was a strange character, but I didn't mind grabbing onto his leather-clad cowboy leg.

All in all, a very fun trip and I suggest you check it out if you have a free Saturday. 


Sometimes things are just fine until a wave hits me from behind and I feel like I'm drowning and there is no way I'm going to ever get a breath of air again. And sometimes I just want to breathe in the water and get it over with, but eventually I float back up to the surface, gasping for breath.

I find something to hold on to till I'm on solid ground again, hoping I don't get pulled back under.

Today I'm floating and waiting for my feet to find the the ground. I know it will come so it's just a matter of holding on. Then I'll be good till the next wave comes. Or maybe I'll learn to play farther away from the shoreline.

May 14, 2012

Week Of (Attempted) Fashion 5

Like I said last time, I did much better this week! I'd say some of the outfits are not too shabby. A plus I just realized is I have 5 (almost full) weeks worth of outfits that I can wear. I never realized how much clothes I have to go through before I have to repeat an outfit.

The horrible thing is I never stop buying clothes!!!

May 13, 2012

Things My Mother Taught Me

I usually don't post on the weekends but since it's mother's day (and I really have nothing to do) I decided to write this out while it was still in my head. I wanted to make a list of just a few of the valuable things my mother taught me.

  • Patience is a virtue.
    I think this one was mostly directed at my father (who has a tendency to speed) but I feel like I've benefited from it. It's something that is applicable to almost all aspects of our lives and I'm sure it will come in handy once I create spawn of my own. 
  • The importance of hard work.
    I'm so glad my mom took the time to try and keep trying to get us to help clean the house with her. We each had a chore that was specifically ours and then we helped out with all the other messes (which were many). Now that I live away from home, I know how to keep the house clean, do my own laundry, and all the little things like sweeping the corners of the room.
  • It's all about presentation.
    Luckily, my mother was always a good cook (with a few experimental exceptions) so we were always well fed and the table always looked presentable. Just today my mom sent me a picture of a mango tart she made: 

Beautiful, right?

I tried to practice this talent she had and let's just say I'm still working on it:
That's right. Zoom in on those beauties. 

  • Be like Christ.
    My mom is one of the best examples of being Christ-like. She has an incredibly large heart with lots of room for love. She is sympathetic to even those she doesn't know and  is always so sacrificing. She is a great example of charity and love and has always let us kids know how important it is to keep Christ in our lives.
  • The importance of reading.
    Growing up, we didn't have cable TV so we spent a lot of time reading books. I remember the first book I ever read: Great Day for Up by Dr Seuss. I remember sitting on the couch with her as she helped me sound out each word and I've been reading ever since.
  • Creativity is key.
    Mom would make homemade play-doh for us and save large boxes so we could use our imagination and create a spaceship or pirate ship or whatever tickled our fancy that day. I remember my mom always encouraging me in my artwork since I could pick up a pencil (except when I drew on the toilet seat). 
  • What a mother should be like.
    My mom has always been an amazing example of a loving, patient mother and I feel less apprehensive about the future when I have my own children because I know if I just do what my mom did, everything will work out fine and my kids will have a great example, just like I did.
I hope my mom is reading this (because I told her to!) and I hope she feels loved because I know I love her so much and I'm so glad that she is mine.