February 22, 2013

Ye Olde Post

Guys, it's Friday. I'm in jeans and I just need to make it through the next seven hours. I'm so very excited for this weekend because Adam finally doesn't have to work this Saturday so we will be going to the Renaissance Fair!! Sure, I go every year, but this year is special... because I will finally be dressing up this time! I mean in full puffy dress, long sleeves, bodice type dressing up. Adam has even agreed to dress up with me. You have no idea how excited this makes me.

We will be making a point to take pictures and eat one of those massive turkey legs while we are there. Happy day!!

This is definitely one of those places where you feel
awkward when you're not the one dressed up.

February 20, 2013

Not So Wise Now

So I got my wisdom teeth out last Thursday and boy, was that interesting. My face is finally going back to it's normal size and I'm starting to be able to eat more than applesauce and pudding.

Second day puffy right there, and day two of not showering. Thankfully Adam's family let me stay at their house in the "sick chair" where I could recuperate and try to be less dead. Adam was very sweet and changed out my bloody gauze as well as taking video of me right after the oporation. It's a little embarrasing but kinda entertaining so I thought I'd share.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

February 07, 2013

Five Things I'd Rather Be Doing

I'm stitting here at work with a very full tummy (turning on my sleep mode) with three hours left of work to go. Although I love my job, there are quite a few other things I would like to be doing:

  1. Cleaning my room.
    I know this may sound like torture to some of your but my room is horrible and I desperately need a clean slate. Also, if I clean my room, I can get my new bookcases in finally!
  2. Playing outside.
    I don't know if you're in Arizona or not, but February is a beautiful month where it is sunny and warm outside with birds singing (it's like everyone elses' late spring). I do not want to be stuck inside on a day like this.
  3. Cuddling my man.
    Adam has been putting some crazy hours at work so I haven't been able to see him much. Knowing that we are both amazingly tired, I would love to just laze about on the couch with him watching our shows.
  4. Working on my homework.
    This also sounds like a very not fun thing, but when your classes are fiction writing and drawing, it doesn't exactly feel like homework.
  5. Driving to the beach.
    It's been a few years since I've been to the ocean and I feel it calling my name. It's one of those urges I get every once in a while that needs to be quickly satisfyed lest I feel inccomplete.
So there is my list, and in exactly 2 hours and 50 minutes, I'll be on my way to freedom.

February 05, 2013

A New Start

Wow wow wow. It's been way too long since the last time I blogged. I couldn't talk about it earlier for obvious reasons, but I left my old job at the law firm for...duhn duhn duuuunh!!! Another law firm! This time instead of being the receptionist who does what everyone doesn't want to do, I'm a paralegal for one of my attorneys from the last job. I've only been here for five days and it's a lot to learn but I'm having fun. I definitely stay busy and get a lot of work done. The office is super beautiful and there lots of other attorneys besides patent and trademark attorneys.

I'm trying to get back into the blogging realm but it might take a while since school started up. This time I'm taking Intermediate Fiction Writing and Drawing 101. I love both these classes but the three hour class periods are kind of killing me, especially right when I get off work and run to school. Luckily I get along with my teachers and it's only three days a week.

So next weekend I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out and I'm going to have Adam record the aftermath. If it's funny (and not too embarrassing) I'll most likely link it to a post for your viewing enjoyment. I planned it right on Valentines day (so romantic) and then won't have to go back to work till Tuesday thanks to the holiday coming up. So it'll be a five day weekend for me. [Here's a link to my favorite wisdom teeth video]

I also didn't get to blog about my trip home to Washington this January but it wasn't exactly super eventful. Lots of laying around the house with my family having fun and being cold.

Oh! And I ended up in the ER again a few weeks ago. This was for these huge convulsions I was having (not a seizure). It wouldn't stop and Adam literally had to drag me out of my bed to get me to go (from my last experience with the hospital and the massive bills left behind, you can probably see why). We waited in the waiting room for 4 hours before my "twitching" had finally stopped. I couldn't even walk before that. So five hours total time, without seeing and doctor, and a promise to be very sore the next day, I was finally dropped off at my house around 2am.

I guess a lot has happened to me in the last few weeks I haven't been blogging. I'll try harder to do some regular posting.

Over and out.