September 23, 2013

Fall Post NOT About Pumpkin Stuff

The next time I bring my phone plug-in, I'll do a picture dump on here. That is, if I remember.

Today is a Monday, but it isn't that bad so far. I woke up early and watched the sun rise with my 5' stuffed bear (very romantic) and then fell back asleep until my alarm went off. When I stepped outside to head to work, I noticed that it wasn't hot. It was actually cool! I was like, weather, what are you doing? Even when I got in my car (the leather seats usually make it extra hot) I was surprised to find that the seats were cold.

I know it's a bit pre-mature because this is Arizona and it's on fire all the time, but I'm getting really excited about the fall/winter. I'm sure by the time it gets cold (late November-December) I will start complaining about the cold. Either way, I'm excited to not worry about my face melting off every time I go outside.

Mostly, I'm excited for an excuse to wear my boots and leggings again.
And for it to be the perfect tempurature for cuddling with my ...kind-of man (it's complicated, but I'm just happy he is here, even if it's for a little bit).

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  1. Maybe it's not cooling off, but maybe your butt's getting hotter and the seat seems cooler by comparison. just a thought...